Anyone Found That Pot Of Gold?

So, tonight I was on-line checking my accounts and paying bills (did you expect anything less from me, e-banking and such) and this incredible wave of disillusionment swept across my bow like toropon torpedoes from the Star Ship Enterprise. The system I am working allows me to see where I am quickly after I pay all my bills, as well as enter any transactions that haven't cleared the bank; basically your traditional ledger, just e-based. It is great to know that I will have so many dollars in the bank come a particular date next week after my bills have all posted; but horribly painful when I start to extrapulate out and realize that my mortgage payment for August will eat up anything I have saved up and won't live any room for things like my car, gas, electricity, groceries and dog biscuits for Princess Gracy.

What do you do when you realize you are less than 30 days from singing "Trouble, oh we got trouble, right here in River City..." Don't know!! Cutting costs anywhere I feel I can and getting ready to start cutting costs anywhere I fell I can't. Not fun decisions.

It is interesting to note that I have been in financially deprived situations before. I spent five years in college and not one of those years went by where I felt "liquid." The difference between those days and now, and even my time in Korea and now; RESPONSIBILITIES. Yes, yes, my parents warned me of that nasty business adults have to deal with; but like all youths.... I ignored them. In all seriousness though, in the past I could move funds around or pass on a bill for a time... but now I don't have that luxury. Late on the mortgage and a steep fine is accessed, late on the car same issue and so on and so on. Being late isn't so much the issue either since my income doesn't come close to matching my expenses. Just sucks.

The good news is that my 4 1/2 years at Fujitsu and my extreamly conservative use of vacation while I was there netted me a very possitive result. I walked away with a nice pocket of change. Add to that I started working part-time (full time whenever I can) and I delayed the effects of that horrible state of affairs known as being "broke."

If I am lucky one of those jobs described below will do more than show promise, they will show actual fruition. Let's hope so, or I will be asking everyone I meet if they have found the infamous Irish Pot of Gold.