Working My Brain.... Sort Of

I will say this first, working is better than not working. It should also be said that there are those that are doing work that is far less rewarding and 10 times harder to do. Working in apartments is just a gig that has serious ups and downs. Also, the weather of late isn't cooperating as it is hot and muggy. Who wants to go looking at apartments in extreamly muggy weather. My lastest community is very nice, all-be-it an older community. The staff is very friendly and knowledgable. The residents are very nice, not all of them speak English; but I haven't met a rude one yet or an overly demanding one yet. The same can not be said of some of the ritzy apartment communities I have worked at over the past few weeks. Some people feel they should be hand held from the first till the last.

Here the atmosphere is just more down to earth. The only real problem is that it is slow, very slow. I have been keeping busy with some filing and a good share of phone calls, even though some of those phone calls are for a gentlemen's club.

Yes, the cummunity I am working at now shares their name with a local gentlemen's club. So when someone is looking up the number for the club, they sometimes call us by mistake. Apparently the staff here gets calls asking if they are hiring entertainers, the menu of the buffet (buffet?) and other assorted questions. I didn't dare ask. I guess it means you have to be careful when you mention you work here, people might get the wrong idea.

All in all though, I am workign my brain to a dull point. Just not much "action" in the thinking department of late. For the regular employees they have to do some serious thinking, but for little old me... I just have to learn the floor plans and how to answer the phone. Oh, I have to remember the name of the place I am working... trickier than you might think too.