Hello From the Crypt Keeper

Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to another not so exciting report from KellysWorld. Today I am reporting from "in-the-field" at a local apartment community that I have been charged with holding down for the memorial weekend holiday. Basically it is like being in charge of a large Crypt. Like any crypt, you get the occassional visitor. Unlike a crypt though, these individuals don't come baring gifts, but instead enter only for the the free cookies and lemonade. As happy as they are for this free sustenance, they aren't much for conversation. So the day just drags, drags and drags on. Yesterday this went on for 7 hours, luckily today it only lasts 4 hours. As I am being paid to watch the crypt, I guess I should consider myself lucky. "Lucky," though, can be a relative concept.

All is all it isn't a bad gig. Nine bucks and hour to watch the crypt isn't bad and of couse it helps to pay the bills. Obviously though, it is about as boring as boring gets. If not for the computer I am writing this report from, I would be ready for a tea party at the bottom of the pool. It could always be worse. At least I am not working in the crypt after mid-night.

Just 90 more minutes before I am released from the crypt.