Yes, Yet Another Day

Yes, it's true.... I must wait yet another day for the official offer. Hey, to be waiting for an offer is better than having no offer at all; I'm sure we can all agree on that one thing, yes? I would be lieing if I said I wasn't anxious, but that's to be expected. I also know that after being unemployed for only two months, I am doing very well to be seriously considered by anyone. Lots of folks have gone six months or more without employment offers, much less employment. Obviously this employer is taking this very seriously or they wouldn't have taken two days to work on a proposal for me. Does the ego good to be wanted. The whole situation is nerve racking, but no less nerve racking than being told you don't have a job anymore.

To be honest, I can't complain much about this whole experience. Life is still treating me well. There are men and women over seas dieing as I write. Men and women serving in the war to bring a new goverment to a people that have seen 30 years of hard times. I don't care what anyone's politics are in this, even the greatest of our suffers has greater opportunity and freedom than the average Iraqi. Puts life in perspective when you include the globe in your thoughts.