Weeds.... The Scurge of The Earth

Okay, I battled weeds today in my front yard. I did only the yard right in front of the house and I had at least a good couple of pounds of crab grass. I swear as I was pulling out each one others were sprouting before my eyes. I still have so many weeds to pull, it is just increadible. It is so bad that the before the weeds are pulled the yard looks like it needs a good mowing, and after the yard looks as though it has been mowed. I tried some poison, but it was a no go. I could use the really strong stuff, but it will kills my fledgling grass too. So the manual touch will have to work until next year when I can put down some pre-emergant and stop the crab grass cold before it begins the battle to take over my yard.
Anyone want to come over and pull weeds? .................... Thought so.