Internet Gods Dislike Me Today

Okay, today is the day I am supposed to get an offer letter from the company I interviewed with in Virginia. It has taken them a little longer to put together the offer than they had first anticipated. I am assured it will arrive today. That being the case, of course, my DSL service has gone completely "dead." Been that way since at least 7:30 this morning when I woke up and tried to check e-mail. I have contacted my service provider, Verizon, and they assure me that it should be working in at least 24 hours and if not to call back. Ah, who says customer service is daead.
Luckily I was able to revive my MSN account that I keep lurking in the background for just such an occassion. It is slower than maple syurp in January, but it works. So as long as the Internet Gods don't get further irriatated with me today, I should be okay for now. Please note I am knocking on the large piece of wood I can find.