Accepted the Possition

Earlier today I accepted the possition. I am very excited about this opportunity. Taking this job means that for the summer I will probably have to work weekends leasing apartments, but I believe I will really enjoy this job and the future opportunities seem extreamly bright. Well worth the sacrifice of my weekends for a few months. I will be officially in charge of the Wireless department, for lack of a better name at this point, with a total employee group of one. As long as you don't count my alter egos. It should be a very interesting and exciting experience and they are looking forward to working with me. I don't have a start date yet, but tenatively it is a week from this coming Monday. Probably sooner if we can arrange all that needs to be done.
It is sure great to be employed again... and I am doubly blessed with two jobs. Hmm, should I consider that doubly blessed?