Interview with American Express Financial

This morning I had an interview with American Express Financial in Hurst, Texas (about an hour from my house). They had a group of us, about 10 people, take a psych test to see who is "material" for the job of Financial Adivisor. After this test, suprisingly they think I have a good brain for advising.... I always could fake my way through a test. Anyway, of the 10 of us that took this computer psych exam, only 4 continued on to get the first interview. We were done in groups of two. The two of us that were in there, myself and a woman were asked basic questions about what we think of sales and what we think we bring to the table. We also did a brief overview of our work experience for hte past several years. When done we were told that we would move on to the second interview. Mine will luckily be closer to my house in their Richardson office. That interview will include a role playing element for about 15 minutes and then some questions for another 30 minutes or so. Should I survive that round I will move on to a 3rd and if allowed a 4th and finale interview. After theat Amex will make a decision on employment.
I am not making any finale decisions yet, just going through the steps. The career sounds interesting and the finacial rewards can be significant, but for the first few years it could be difficult. If I were asked to comment on my ability to do the job I would say, "sure, no problem." Do I want to do that job, I don't know yet. I will learn more about the job through the course of the interviews. As I learn more, I will post it.