First "Blog" & Thoughts on Iraq

Here we go, my first "blog." Where the name "blog" comes from I haven't a clue, but they seem to be all the rage. From how easy this is to do I can see why "bogs" are so increadible. For what purpose will this, my personal "blog" be used for day after day? Well, just to be the way I post news about myself and any other thoughts I might have.... I don't know if this will go as far as a personal journal; but who knows.

So, what is on my mind? What will this first entry be about? Well the major event of the day of course, maybe the decade (although it might be early to make that decision). The Second Gulf War is, if not the major event of the decade, will probably be a defining moment of the decade and maybe in the end the century. That of course will depend greatly on what follows and if American Goverment policy continues in this direction. It is too early to say whether this war will have a long lasting possitive effect or a long lasting negative effect, I fear it will be more negative than possitive. If this is the start of a nation, an empire to be fair, that will fight for democracy, freedom and liberty around the world ridding the planet of dictators and "evil doers" then the change is a good one. A policy that harkens back to the concept of "might makes right." If however this war is more self-surving then the Iraqis are in trouble becuase our resolve will just not be there and the world will be hurt and the United States an enemy of the world. I have always favored the United States being the policeman of the world, the town Marshall making sure the Cowboys stay out of trouble and punishing them when they do get into trouble. It isn't a popular opinion, but we have the might, we have the money and we have the goverment to try and ride gunshot to make sure we don't turn from Republic bringing liberty to Empire bringing slavery. Americans, even when times are at their worst, wake up in the morning it is to a glorious day of making our own decisions and leading a life that could go in any direction. Many people around the world wake up to the misery of another day in hell with the only escape being death. If we can change that, we should. Call it our new "Manifest Denstiny." If this war in Iraq awakens Americans to this possibility fantastic. I frear though that we are not waking up, but simply opening our eyes, slamming the snooze button and rolling over to catch a few more minutes of sleep in an attempt to escape the rising sun.