There are two great days in a person's life - the day we are born and the day we discover why. - William Barclay

Who Is Kelly?

Who am I? We really don't have that kind of time. Suffice it to say, I'm just a guy who has a website that loves to take photos and occasionally opine on politics, technology or just humanity in general. 

Is there more to me than meets the eye? Most likely. To learn more you would need to meet me and maybe buy me a beer. I will then happily tell you of my adventures through life. 

Currently my stable of equipment includes an iPhone X, a Canon 80D, an iPad and a MacBook Pro. As you review my portfolio you will find I have a definite preference for black & white photography. I've been taking photos almost my entire life, starting as a child with a various assortment of "instamatic" cameras my family owned as well as occasionally getting to take photos with my grandfather's 35mm SLR.

As a teenager I got my first SLR and eventually became one of the school photographers. I would eventually transition from film to digital in the early 2000's obtaining my very first Digital SLR, a Canon Rebel Xti, in 2006. Recently I upgraded from that camera to a Canon 80D. I love to edit using my iPhone and iPad, not as much on my MacBook Pro. My goto editing app was Snapseed until very recently when I began to use LightRoom CC and committed myself almost exclusively to RAW photography. I'm by no means a professional, just a very long time enthusiast that just loves the art of photography and development. 

My nephew throwing a punch for the ultimate knockout. 

  My mother, getting way too much affection from her two sons. 

My mother, getting way too much affection from her two sons.