Helping a Friend - Feels Good

Today I had a long conversation with a friend of mine about podcasting, websites and just trying to keep a schedule. I know I'm probably not the best at implementation - see The Apple Professor website for proof; but I do pay a great deal of attention to the world of technology and podcasting. Basically I acted as a springboard for ideas. We brainstormed together and helped him to get see the groove. You can't get "into the groove" unless you know where that groove happens to lie. You don't want to get into the "groove" unless you know where it is going. He has some great ideas of his own and a pretty good voice for podcasting, unlike yours truly. He's also succeeded where I failed. Yet, being the guy that folks talk with to help them get their own juices going is par for the course for me; and I enjoy being that person. I am a "know-it-all" after all and us "know-it-alls" do need to impart our great and powerful knowledge to anyone that dares to sit still and listen. We aren't above handcuffing someone to a radiator to keep them still.

I'm hoping my poking and thoughts will be of help for my friend as he ventures back into the cold hard world of podcasting. I may be taking a more personal role as well. I'm happy to do so if he feels I will be of assistance. I enjoy my day job, but everyone needs a good hobby and good distractions.

I just feels good helping a friend, and making new friends. i"m not the most social of creatures, as anyone that knows me will attest to, but I do like to hear myself talk. I really don't even need someone handcuffed to a radiator, I will talk without them. Yes, I know my own foibles.

In the coming days and weeks we will see if my advice was helpful, if my suggestions of use. If not, then no harm no foul; if they were then I can rest easy in knowing that I was able to aid a friend in figuring a few things out successfully.