Feel Like Cow Dung

I've been sick these past few days. Per usual it snuck up on me and by Sunday was hitting me over the head. Nothing terribly serious, but slowing me down and of course I felt like cow dung. So after a morning of errands with the family I took the rest of the day off in the hopes I would recover that much faster. Monday morning I woke up feeling a little better. Enough do as to believe I could take on the day and go to work. I quickly realized I was fooling myself. After completing a report for my boss and putting out a few "fires" I gave up and headed home. Unfortunately work chased me down the rest of the afternoon. Nothing to rigorous but enough to keep me from actually resting.

Fast forward to this morning and it's more of the same. Last night was difficult to sleep until I propped my back up with a few extra pillows around 2:30. That allowed me to actually sleep. When I woke up though -BLAH! A very scientific term for, "I still feel like cow dung."

So today I'm not making the mistake of yesterday, I'm going to hold up here at home. There is no real escaping work, but this way I won't make anyone else sick and I may get some more rest.

My daughter is sick too. Don't know if I gave her what I got, she gave me what she got or if we both "got" something different. Never-the-less we are two sick folks staying home for the day. As grand as that sounds, I have work to do. Oh, did I mention I feel like cow dung?

UPDATE: 3:51 PM 10/11/11 - Went to the doctor today. Turns out that I have a upper respiratory infection. Lucky me! I also have a splitting headache to go along with the coughing and the overall "icky" feeling.