Canon T2i Review - Cameralabs

This is a pretty good review ( Canon's latest entry into the Digital SLR arena. This is basically the great, great grandson to my Canon Digital Rebel XTi - WHICH I LOVE! This video review shows you the camera and its feature set. It's not a short one, just under 20 minutes. If you are thinking of getting a Digital SLR camera, I can't say enough good things about Canon's line and Canon's lenses. This is an entry level digital SLR cost about $800 without lens. Most exciting about this camera is simply this... it has 1080P movie mode at up to 30FPS, or 720p movie mode at up to 60FPS. The 1080p 24FPS is what those movie buffs like as it gives a film like presentation. You can even add an external microphone! Here's the text review. If you just want to check out the movie mode, then check out that part of the review.


Sample Video taken from the Canon T2i - Simply AMAZING! Be sure to click on the HD option and then go full screen! You will be blown away! This sample is at 30FPS, other samples available as well.

Canon EOS 550D / Rebel T2i 1080p / 30fps HD video sample from Gordon Laing on Vimeo