Kelly's Tweets for 2009-10-11

  • Okay. Who left the alarm clock radio on the second floor on when no one is SLEEPING ON THE SECOND FLOOR? Though I was going crazy. #
  • RT @donmcallister OK, That's it! Microsoft Ad execs must be aliens! or they have a policy to deliberately make crap ads #
  • At Wal-Mart with the wife. I'm here because I love her. #
  • Getting caught up on #ScreenCastsOnline podcasts. Been a little while since I watched. #
  • RT @TUAW iPhone's Google Maps app now shows ads [post] Oh this sucks! #
  • Check this TUAW article out: Rock Band coming to the iPhone: #
  • Check this TUAW article out: J.D. Power s...: #

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