Kelly's Tweets for 2009-09-25

  • RT @alexlindsay "...iPhones cannot survive the Warm Cycle of an average washer. I did this test today and it was conclusive." #
  • RT @levarburton I hang my head in shame...! -- I'm not sure if this is satire. I know kids who read a book due to him. #
  • RT @levarburton I hang my head in shame...! - BTW he is a damn good actor. Roots was great. Enjoyed his performances. #
  • RT @slashdot Wii Gets Price Cut To $199 Does that mean you can buy one without a great search? #
  • RT @levarburton Attention all un-believers THE ONION is satirical parody of news events and meant to be enjoyed as such! I did not write it! #

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