Kelly's Tweets for 2009-09-10

  • Monopoly Uses Google Maps To Go Live Online (via @slashdot) Interesting. #
  • @donmcallister noon for me. Know what I'm doing for lunch. in reply to donmcallister #
  • VERY COOL AT&T adds unlimited “A-List” calling feature; unlimited calling to five VIP numbers... (via @PatrickMcConnel) #
  • @BrentSpiner are you trying to bring Twitter to it's knees? in reply to BrentSpiner #
  • @Pogue Thats just shameless Pogue? Telling your many Twitter fans that 41 will be quoted in the times. You get a cut of sales! I LOVE IT!!! in reply to Pogue #
  • NY Times asks, Steve answers: Why no camera on the iPod touch and no stills on the nano? [post] (via @TUAW) #
  • @donmcallister I look forward to your show on iTunes. Loving 9 but feeling cheated by Home Sharing. Poorly named. Good for one person home. #
  • Watching the video from today's Apple's Music Event. Steve Jobs looks better, but you can tell he's had a hard time. Mentions organ doners. #
  • Little underwhelmed by today's Apple Event. I wasn't expecting a tablet or new iPod touch. Just underwhelmed. Good solid lineup though. #

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