Video of the Week: 8/24

If you spend anytime on YouTube at all you have probably run across at least one of the videos done by iJustine. She is what I've heard referred to as an Internet Celebrity. She does regular video blogging and video skits. A few of the more recent ones have been spoofs. This video is a spoof of the Black Eyed Peas song - "I Gotta Feeling." It's not the funniest thing on the net; but it is good and what's more amazing - she does this all in her apartment doing most if not all of the work herself. I might add it's all done on Macs. But of course! Oh in the video she is making fun of profile pictures. Those are the photos that folks use on FaceBook or other social media sites to show themselves off. You, of course, want to look good in those photos and have them show off who you "really" are; or aren't as the case may be.