2 New Cars


Over the weekend Tracy and I decided to turn in our BMW’s, they were near the end of the lease, and get two new cars that we would own this time around. We leased our BMW’s which meant we were slaves to milage and other various restrictions. Nothing like owning a car, but not really owning a car. We decided we REALLY wanted to own our cars now. The question was, what to get?


Tracy had one major demand, whatever cars we got had to be able to fit a plastic lawn chair. She bought one last year and had no easy way to get it home in her 325i. We looked around and decided to check out what Saturn had to offer.When all was said and done, we ended up both getting the same model car. Both of us purchased 2008 Saturn Vue’s. If you aren’t familiar with the Vue it is the Saturn version of the Enclave and is a crossover vehicle. That means it has an SUV body built on a car frame. The idea is that while smaller, you get the benefits of the SUV and the benefits of a car. I’ll let you know how that goes in a few months, but already I have been able to bring home a desk for Tracy and Tracy was able to bring home a headboard and frame for Kristie’s bedroom.

We haven’t taken any photos yet of the cars, but these photos I found on the web give a pretty good idea of what ours look like. The photo of the backseat is what the interior of my car looks like and the front seat photo is what Tracy’s interior looks like. For exterior, mine is Techno Grey and Tracy’s is Black Onyx (pictured below). They are great look cars and we are both very happy with our decision. They drive incredibly well too, very much like a car. The best part of all of this... I don’t have to buy another car for at least 5 years, maybe even longer.