More Waiting

For those that haven't purchased a house, or who haven't done so in a long time... THE PROCESS SEEMS TO TAKE FOR EVER. Thank the stars above that I have a large amount of patience, but unfortunetly my wife does not. She isn't enjoy the waiting, followed by the hurrying, followed by prolonged waiting. It just doesn't sit well with her at all.

Now we are waiting becuase the agents came up for a solution to the "problems" the buyers were having with the price and the closing costs. My agent presented to me, and I can't say I was pleased with the solution. Basically, without going into detail, the solution involves Tracy and I lowering our price so that the house will appraise and the owners can buy the house with 100% financing. We countered with a few things that we wanted originally, but were denied and are just waiting to see if they stick this time around.

It is nearly 10:30 so I doubt we will hear back tonight, and because of that Tracy probably won't sleep. Remember, she doesn't take well to waiting for answers. The answers will come, and probably the answers she wants; just not in the timeframe she expects or desires. Alas, we are at the whim of the buyers and unfortuntely for us, at the same time we are equally at the whim of the seller's of the house we are buying. So to us, it looks like we are in a lose/lose situation; but then we are going to buy a wonderful house with pretty much everything we wanted.

That has to count for something, right?