Closing on the 18th of June

We finally have official notice that we will close on June 18th, on both houses. We have no idea of what time yet, but most likely we will close on our current house in the early morning and on the new house in the afternoon. It will make for a crazy, hectic and quite possibly stressful day; but when it is all over we will own a different house. Of course that only sets objects in motion, and a few days later we will move into that new house.

In the past I have hired movers, but done my own packing. This time around I decided it made more sense to hire someone to do the packing. Tracy and I are way too busy to spend every night for a few weeks packing up everything we own. The company I hired should be able to do it all in half a day. The day after they pack, we move. I've used them before and have been very satisfied with the results. If you ever need a moving company in the Dallas area, checkout Major-League Moving.

Thursday, June 21st will be my last full day in the house I built in 2003. The house we are moving too is bigger and nicer, but it won't ever be my first house. Of course, the new one is going to be the first house that Tracy and I purchased together. That in itself is very special.

UPDATE: We actually have a time for the closing now. Everything is now set in motion. A week from now I will be going home to a house full of boxes, and just a sunrise away from the actual move.