Ah, Hail!


Yep, that's right.... Hail and lots of it. For a while my entire drive way looked liked it had just snowed. If you have seen the photos of my driveway you know it isn't small. Eventually we had large marble size hail and some were even up to half the size of a ping-pong ball. The house seemed to fair okay, but I won't know until I can take a closser look tomorrow. The house was vibrating at one point from the amount of hail that was pouring out of the sky. So much rain has fallen that streets have given way to riverways. As I listen now the machine gun like pounding of the hail has given way to a less than gentle rain storm. A welcome change of pace. Hopefully the hail is done for now. My house, bushes and yard have sustained enough damage for one night, for one summer. Too bad I know there will be more nights like this