Guest Appearance on "iWake Again" Pod


On Friday night I was a guest on iWake Again with it's host Tim Chaten. Tim invited both Dennis Freitas and me on to the show to discuss the new iPad, Apple TV, iOS 5.1, iCloud and all new apps released by Apple on the 7th of this month.  Tim and I are both regular members of the Mac Spotlight Roundtable over on the Your Mac Network. Dennis is our intrepid and dedicated host. All three of us had a great time even while not always agreeing. Okay, I didn't always agree with Tim and Dennis. Tim is a full-time podcaster. His show iWake can be downloaded every weekday morning by 6 am Eastern. Each morning he delves into the Apple news of the previous day and what's coming up in the Apple universe. It's typically less than 20 minutes. Perfect for the drive in to work. Every Saturday he releases a member's only show called iWake Again. The Saturday show is a long format discussion, with interviews, guests and the occasional "rant."

I strongly encourage you to check out the iWake podcast. I've been listening to it for a few weeks now and have been very impressed. Tim puts a lot of time and energy into his show and you can tell. If, after listening to iWake, you think of much of the show as I do; you can show your support by subscribing to iWake Again for just $10 a month. As a bonus, if you do, you get to hear me on the Saturday, March 10th episode!

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