Pocket Casts Updated to 3.3

Pocket Casts currently holds an honored spot on my iPhone's home screen because it is one of those apps that I use regularly. What is Pocket Casts? Well, many of you have probably listened to one or two podcasts at least. You may currently be using iTunes to download your podcast and then the music player on your iPhone or iPod Touch to listen to the shows. You may have even learned that you can download more episodes of any podcast you are subscribed to directly to your iPhone or iPod; but the process isn't easy and it's hard to discover new shows. Enter podcast listening apps. I've used a few, but Pocket Casts remains my favorite. It's not free, but it is inexpensive. The best part of Pocket Casts is the ability to either stream or download your favorite podcast. In my experience 3rd party apps for podcasts allow you to do either download the shows and listen offline or stream the show online. The ability to to both is extremely handy. Pocket Casts also allows for both audio and video podcasts.

Beyond those two great features, the controls of Pocket Casts are fantastic. Each podcast appears looking like an album, easy to tap while say you are in the car. From there you can either stream the show directly, or choose to download the show. If the podcaster includes a description of the show and episodes those are provided. The size of the file and the length of the show are also clearly shown. Once you are playing your favorite show, you can easily fast forward or skip backwards by tapping either side of the screen. In the settings of the app you will find the ability to change how far forward or backward you want to skip. If you like to listen to your shows faster than normal, you have the option of 1x, 1.2x, 1.5x and 2x. The app is also AirPlay enabled. If you are into social networking, this app has you covered as well via iOS built-in support for Twitter.{C}{C}

If you have checked out Pocket Casts in the past but aren't currently using it, this is a great time to check it out again. If you already own and use Pocket Casts, be sure to get the latest update. If however, you are one that hasn't ever used the app before and you enjoy listening to podcasts; ShiftyJelly (developer) has a deal for you! In December they released a "lite" version of Pocket Casts. The "lite" version allows for up to 5 podcasts.  With a "lite" version available are their any reasons left not to try this app today? If you do love it as much as me, drop me a line in the comments. If you don't, let the Professor know why it won't have an honored spot on your iPhone.

Pocket Casts - $1.99 (iPhone/iPod Touch) - Android version also available for $2.99.

Pocket Casts Lite - Free (iPhone/iPod Touch)

What's New in Version 3.3

Welcome to 2012, and Pocket Casts version 3.3! Today we give in to some of your demands, you crazy kids, you dreamers, you think-differenters. Grammar be damned, here goes: - Custom sorting for the grid tiles. Hold down and move them around, just like mamma told you it would be! - Performance enhancements. The app has been on a diet, it's leaner, meaner, keener. It has trained all summer long (it's summer here in Australia, hello to all our frozen users overseas, and also 'har har') - New overlay for the tiles, see your downloaded, in progress and unplayed episode counts at a glance, or if you prefer the minimalist chic of Tom Merritt's face, you can turn that off :) - You can now 'Add all' from the old episodes page, just for that one guy that asked! You're welcome sir! - Tap on the status of an episode to toggle it between played, unplayed and in progress - New Finished filter, not to be confused with our Finish Filter, who is our friend Philip from Finland whose nickname is Filter. - The emperor has some new clothes, or rather the app has been visually tweaked a little, to suit the changing needs of our 2012 discerning user base - Brand new Frequently Asked Questions section on our settings page. So you get to read the crazy things you people ask us - Plenty 'o' bug fixes(TM) - The version number now has more 3's, and who doesn't like 3's?

And now one final thing: who doubted our elves? Admit it, you did! When we replaced our entire workforce of Unicorns (over maternity leave disputes) with elves, some said we were mad. "Unicorns are irreplaceable" they said. "You're two sausage rolls short of a Continental Deli" they re-iterated. Ha! Who's crazy now! MU HA HA HA HA HA HA

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