New Podcast Coming

Soon I will be joining a new regular podcast that will be part of the YourMacNetwork. While we know it will be a round table type discussion show on Apple products and services, we don't know all the particulars. Tonight we had our first meeting to discuss the show with some of the assumed regular members. We all come from different walks of life, all with one passion in common - Apple. A passion we want to share with as many folks as will listen.

Our desire is to make the show as informing as it is interesting, as enjoyable as it is enticing. How shall we archive these lofty goals? Hell if I know. We figure we will start by having fun and move on from that important point. {C} It's a great time to be an Apple fan. For those of us that have been fans of Apple products for years, or decades, it's wonderful to see the hallmarks of Apple's designs so popular and so copied. If you are new to Apple we hope to enthrall you with the warm blanket of Applely goodness. If you are a long time fan looking for a home with like minded friends, we hope to serve you too.

In a few weeks I should be posting a link to the new show. Wish us luck an as soon as I know more details I will be sure to post more information.