XServe Dead - What's Next?

Apple Xserve

I just read an article about the death of the Xserve and what Apple has planned next, or more accurately Apple's lack of a plan. It seems that on Friday Apple informed the world that the Xserve was going away. They further published a PDF that let's their trusted users know that an excellent replacement is the Mac Pro or Mac Mini. What?!? For those of you that don't know the Xserve is a Macintosh server. It is designed to be a server and fit in the holes that IT professionals create for servers. Those holes are measured in "U's." The Mac Pro is 12 U's high and the Mac Mini Server, well, it's a Mac Mini. They are designed for small businesses and homes. Both can be used as servers, but only one is designed to be used as a server. That's the Mac Mini Server. Again, that's not for professional IT groups.

Instead of me trying to explain all of this I will link you to an article written by John Welch, IT Director for The Zimmerman Agency and writes a column for Macworld called Ask the Mac IT Guy. His article, "Xserve is dead... so now what?" is an excellent description of the problem that Apple has created. Hopefully Apple has something else in the wings, but it's not like Apple to end the life of a product they intend to replace without announcing the replacement.

Unfortunately it seems Apple bad reputation with IT groups will continue and be somewhat well deserved.

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