Review: Apple iPad Case

Apple iPad Case - Eisel

Unless you have been living under a rock, or on a secret mission to Mars you have probably at least heard of the iPad, if not seen one. Maybe you have already taken the plunge and purchased yourself one of the six different models. Now that you have your wonderful and amazing new iPad, you are probably thinking you a need a way to protect it, take care of and carry it. There are lots of options, one of which is Apple's very own iPad case. The case is very thin and made of suede like material. It's primary advantage is that it adds very little weight or bulk to the iPad. While this case won't keep your iPad from breaking should you drop it, the case will protect your iPad from scraps, nicks and scratches while not in use.

The Apple iPad Case offers more than just being a case too. First the case's front can be flipped around and tucked into the back to form an easel that allows you to view the iPad upright, especially useful when watching videos. Using that same tucked away configuration you can lay it down on the table and you are given pretty much the perfect angle to type on the iPad's software keyboard. The angle really is just right for typing; however the viewing angle when the iPad is upright is less than optimal and has a tendency to be extremely unstable. While watching a video if your table shakes or if there is a little breeze, your iPad may start to wobble and eventually fall down.

I personally used the case for many weeks and was satisfied with it as a case. The primary reason I liked it was it's thinness. Being so thin allowed it to fit into a small bag for carrying the iPad. In that lies one of the problems with the Apple iPad Case, because it is so thin it's almost as hard to hold for long periods of time as the iPad itself. The material of the case is also slippery, not as much as the iPad, but there isn't much friction between your hands and the case.

Finally many have reported that the cases can start to fall apart incredibly quickly, especially considering the case has only be on the market as long as the iPad itself, yet many are reporting their cases tearing. It seems that under the cloth material is just cardboad and a little use the material tears exposing that cardboard. Or the case gets a little damp and loses it's rigidity. I believe that these are more isolated than some would let on, but they are of some concern.

The biggest concern is really the cost of the Apple iPad Case. For $39 you don't get a great deal. The case only has two variations, easel or typing which is 3 or 4 less than many competing cases that allow you to angle the iPad for optimal viewing regardless of the situation. Many cases also come with a strap or some way of making it easy for you to hold the iPad, the Apple iPad Case does not.

If you prefer your cases minimalist, then you will love the Apple iPad Case. It is simple, small and lightweight. It gives you the necessary protection of your iPad from general usage without additional frills. The primary problem is that for the same price or less you can get a case that offers a little more protection and more options. It's a good case and worthy of your consideration, just remember it's not the only option; it's just Apple's option.

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