Real Racing 2 - Coming Soon


A little bird told me that Firemint will be releasing the sequel to their hit iPhone racing game "Real Racing" in the near future. Where Cro Mag Rally is the game you play just to have a little fun while you are waiting in line, Real Racing is the racing game you play when you really want the "real" racing experience. Like Cro Mag Rally you can just pick it up and play it, but there is more to the game that just a few races. It's a simulation game, with some of the best graphics of any game for the iPhone - especially since they updated for the iPhone Retina Display. So far, at least for me, Real Racing comes the closest to giving iPhone users the racing experience platforms like XBox and PlayStation have had for years. Real Racing offers several game modes, nearly 50 cars, 12 tracks and league play. They are even bringing Game Center to Real Racing soon.

Of course iPad owners you aren't left out, Real Racing HD is the best racing game for the iPad. It's the same game, but re-worked a little to make the best use of the iPad's screen. No word yet on if Real Racing HD 2 is also in the works, but it seems extreamly likely that RR 2 will be followed-up quickly with an iPad counterpart.

No other details or release date, just that we should "Stay Tuned..."

Personally I can't wait!