QuickTips: Safari Tips

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Safari has come a long way since it's introduction in 2003. Currently Safari is the 4th most popular browser on the internet, just behind Google's Chrome. It is also the basis for the browser in the iPhone and the iPad. The most recent release of Safari was on June 7th, 2010 and is the 5th version of the browser. Like all browsers it is designed to be opened and used, but if you pay attention to all that it can do you can speed up your browsing experience and spend more time reading.

Tab & Window Commands:

  • Command T - Open New Tab
  • Command N - Open New Window
  • Command W - Close Tab
  • Shift-Command W - Close Window
  • Command L - Open a New Location

Controlling tabs and windows is one thing, but Safari has a few other tricks up it's sleeve. The ability send the entire contents of a web page via e-mail. The ability to allow you to browse websites without them going into your history and the ability to read whole web pages without the detraction ads and other formatting.

Send webpage as e-mail: If you are reading an article on a webpage like Wikipedia and you want to send the entire page to a friend to show them that you indeed one a bet, it's easy.

  • Command I - This will copy the contents of the page and then opens an e-mail in Mail and pastes the content into the e-mail.
  • Shift Command I - This just copies a link and opens an e-mail in Mail and copies the link into the e-mail

Private browsing: This is a feature that more and more browsers are adding and has been a part of Safari for some time. While you are in Private Browsing mode none of the web pages you visit will be stored in your cache or in hour browsing history.

  • No keystroke available.. Click on Safari in the menu and then choose Private Browsing... You will be asked if you really want to do that, just click on okay. While this feature is on a notice will appear in your URL bar stating "PRIVATE." Just click on that notice and you will be asked if you want to "...turn off Private Browsing" just click on "Okay."

Safari Reader: The newest feature of Safari is Safari Reader. If you are on a page that Safari can render as a text only document the word "Reader" will appear in the URL bar. Just click on it and a box of text will slide up into the center of the browser window. In that box will be the full text of whatever web page you are reading, formatted for easy reading. You can also easy print the page or e-mail the page to a friend. Want to give it a try, The Apple Professor website should work wonderfully with this feature, if you are in Safari, just look up! [ad#468x60 Banner]