MacDaddy: 11″ MacBook Air

11 Inch MacBook Air 2010

Interesting in getting the 11" MacBook Air from Apple? Heard all the good reviews? Do you want to know how light your wallet will be when you are done? Look no further. For only $999 you can walk out of your local Apple Store (not including tax of course) the proud new owner of an 11" MacBook Air. That's of course if you just go for the standard model. WHAT IT YOU WANT IT ALL? Well, then that's what The Apple Professor calls the MacDaddy! Okay, it's a cheesy name, but it says it all. The MacDaddy configuration is when you max out all the standard options on Typically these build to order configurations are only available from Apple's website, so get your credit card ready.

We will do a separate MacDaddy for the 13" as these two models really do cater to different types of user.

11" MacBook Air comes in two flavors

  • 64GB Flash Storage for $999 US
  • 128GB Flash Strorage for $1199 US (MacDaddy Base Model)

The Apple Professor MacDaddy Config - Based on 128GB 11" MacBook Air

  • 1.6Ghz Core Duo Intel Processor + $100
  • 4GB 1066Mhz DDR3 SDRAM + $100
  • Apple MacBook SuperDrive + $79
  • USB Ethernet + $29
  • Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter + $29
  • Total Add-On Cost: $337
  • Apple Care + $249
  • Final MacDaddy 11" MacBook Air w/128GB of Flash Storage = $1785 US
  • MacDaddy Premium = $786 US

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