Europeans Wake-Up An Hour Late


If you have been following the transition of the world from Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time or vice versa you might have caught a story or two about iPhones not waking up their owners on-time. The first announcements came out of New Zealand and then Australia where they are moving into Summer and Daylight Savings Time. iPhone users began reporting that they were waking-up a little early, one hour early. The United States hasn't made the move to Standard Time yet, we pushed ours out a little a couple of years ago, but Europe made the move last night. This morning many of those Europeans didn't wake-up on time because their alarm sounded an hour late.

The problem seems to be a bug in iOS 4.1. For some reason the alarm doesn't recoginize the time change and goes off at the same "time" as it would have the morning before the change, even though the clock shows the appropriately "changed" time. Got a headache yet?

Well, on November 7th the United States moves to Standard Time and if Apple hasn't released either 4.2 or a 4.1.1, then Americans who aren't properly prepared may be waking up an hour l there ate too. Apple knows about the problem and has stated that they have a fix for the problem, the fix just hasn't been released yet. Apple generally likes to group their software changes into one release than one every few weeks. Normally that isn't a huge problem for iPhone users; it could be this time.

Managers out, be aware; your employees with iPhones may show up late on November 7th. [ad#468x60 Banner]