Rumor: White iPhone Delayed – Coming Spring 2011

iPhone 4 White

iPhone 4 WhiteReuters is reporting today that the White iPhone 4 so eagerly awaited by many iPhone fans has again been delayed. Originally the white iPhone 4 was pegged for a July release, shortly after the release of the regular or black iPhone 4. Then in September we learned it was being delayed until the end of this year, but presumably in time for Christmas. It seems though that those intrepid souls that have been waiting for that wonderfully white iPhone will have to wait until spring 2011 - assuming it isn't delayed again. The barrier of bad news was Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller who said, "We're sorry to disappoint customers waiting for the white iPhone again." Unfortunately she didn't follow-up with any reasons for the continued delay. While we don't know the official reasons, rumors abound as to why the white iPhone 4 has yet to see the light of Apple Stores world wide. The most common rumor is that Apple's manufactures can't get the color matching to work so that every white iPhone 4 looks like every other white iPhone 4.

As many other blogs like TUAW and Macstories have pointed out, if the white iPhone 4 doesn't come out until spring of 2011 then it will be released only a few months before the anticipated release of the yet unnamed iPhone 5. A third delay seems very likely with something along the lines of whatever the iPhone 5 happens to be coming in both black and white. Most don't believe the next generation iPhone will deviate from the current design, with the changes being in memory and speed; and maybe some changes to the camera optics or the like.

Should Apple actually release the white iPhone 4 in spring of 2011, The Apple Professor would have a hard time recommending anyone buy it unless they just aren't interested in what may come next for the iPhone or if they just have money to burn!