Want To Write for Apple Professor?


Are you looking for a way to express your inner writer? Do you love using Apple products? Do you want to be Famous?!? Well, the Apple Professor can help you with two out of three. We are looking for ambitious, thoughtful and creative writers who don't mind working for bird seed. Really, we are more than happy to pay you with bird seed, sun flower seeds if you prefer. The Apple Professor is one of the newest Apple centric websites on the market and we are looking to make our mark in this extremely competitive niche. You may just be the person we need to help us reach our goal. Currently we are looking for someone to contribute a few articles a week on any Apple topic they prefer. It could be reviews, editorials or late breaking news. If you have another idea, feel free to pass it along. We may be picky, but we are reasonable.

Our only real requirement is that the work must be your own and you link back to sources or sites as appropriate. We do ask that your content take a personal and light hearted look at the world of Apple. Write something that not only would you want to read, but so would those with less technical knowledge or that are new to the world of Apple.

If you are interested, please shoot me an e-mail. The lucky selectee(s) gets to write even more, but the lucky winner does get to write and get published with his or her own bi-line. That's our trade, you give us stories and we take care of putting the stories on-line.

Currently The Apple Professor can't offer any pay, other than the aforementioned bird seed; but future is unknown.

All submissions will become the property of The Apple Professor andy may be posted, but never-fear anything posted will be done with the appropriate bi-line, so be sure to give your name and a means to contact you.

How to Submit:

  • E-Mail: TheAppleProf@me.com
  • Subject: Article Submission
  • File Type: Word, Pages, Text File
  • Links: Include the full links to any sites