The AppleProf Meets FaceBook & Twitter

Some of you may have noticed that I'm trying to integrate both Twitter and FaceBook into my website, and I've had some success. It's not terribly difficult but I am having a few issues and not sure if all the decisions i've made regarding FaceBook were the right ones. For example, I decided to create a FaceBook Fan Page instead of a new FaceBook account for The Apple Professor. I'm not sure that's the right decision, but FaceBook doesn't really give you much in the way of options either. Fan pages have to be associated with a FaceBook profile and one person isn't supposed to have more than one FaceBook profile. It's not the most flexible of systems, but maybe in time more options will be granted. Twitter of course is an easy one because they allow you to basically have as many Twitter accounts as you can handle, so @TheAppleProf exists, along with my personal account.

Another important feature to have on a modern blog is the auto-posting to Twitter and FaceBook. I've found a way to post to both at the exact same time, which is wonderful; but I don't like how FaceBook is handling the posting. The image that is being used makes no sense to me and the default image I have chosen doesn't seem to want to work. I can't figure out if it is something that I have done wrong, or if it is something that FaceBook has changed and not done a great job in telling folks how to deal with the change.

The whole idea of integrating with both services, even if it is not what I fully want, is to let my readers know when I update the website. I can even track how many folks come from Twitter and/or FaceBook as opposed to Google or directly typing my URL. My hope is that eventually I will have enough readers that a community will build up around the website and then Twitter and FaceBook will become places with more than just my thoughts. It's my hope that my readers will take the opportunity to express themselves through the comments on the site. Sending me Tweets and posting information to FaceBook.

There don't seem to be any perfect tools to make all this happen, and none of it will happen if my readers don't find what I'm doing to be interesting. So here's hoping that is far from boring and actually just the start of the conversation.