Target Starts Selling iPads


Today Target officially began selling iPads today. That opens a whole new world to the iPad and lots more stores. Target currently has 1,743 stores nationwide and all of them get the iPad. This makes Target the first non-electronics retailer to sell the iPad. The discount big box retailer will be selling the iPad at list, like everyone else, but they do have a promotion coming up on October 17th that allows Target credit card holders to get a 5% discount off the cost of the iPad. That at least cover much of the tax associated with an iPad purchase. If you want an iPad or are thinking of buying an iPad as a gift and you have a Target credit card - then this is an excellent deal. I don't think you will find too many better deals, even on iPads, going into the Christmas shopping season. More likely than not, iPad will be scarce after Thanksgiving.

If you already own an iPad, this is still good news for you. It means two things: 1) Another distributor of iPad accessories, 2) Broader market penetration. While sales of the iPad are huge and more than just tech heads are buying them; this move into general retail means the numbers of iPad owners will only grow in the rank and file of what is often referred to as "Middle America." [ad#468x60 Banner]