Review: Twittelator Pro


App Name: Twittelator ProPlatform: iOS - iPhone/iPod Touch Universal Binary: No (iPad Version Available) Developer: Stone Design, Corp Price: $4.99 (Free Version Also Available)

Twitter is one of the most unique creations of the internet in a long time and while not the first micro-blogging website it has become the most popular, with it's only rival being FaceBook. FaceBook caters to different interests, and could be called complimentary to Twitter. In fact because both services have an open API the door was opened for applications to allow users to post to both services at the same time, or cross post.

One such application is Twittelator Pro for iPhone, developed by Stone Design. It's actually an app that I have been using for years. I've tried many others, but always find myself coming back to Twittelator, chiefly because it does so much and is always getting updates. That's important because not only is Twitter changing, but how we use Twitter is changing. Of course not only is Twitter constantly seeing changes, the iPhone and iOS are also constantly getting new features from Apple. This means that Twittelator busy update schedule allows it to keep taking advantage of those updates often before anyone else is able to do so, including Twitter. The rapid development schedule also means that end user feature requests see fruition faster than with many other competing apps. [ad#468x60 Banner] This most recent update, v4.3, FaceBook integration was added and while the developer doesn't state this was a much requested feature, I have no doubt it has been. I know it was on my list.

While others have implemented this feature, no one has done it quite as well as Stone Design. Users now have the ability to cross post between Twitter and FaceBook with ease. Stone Design took a unique approach that should make all users happy. From settings you can turn on or off the FaceBook posting feature. While set to "On" anything you post goes directly to FaceBook along with Twitter.

For some this would be annoying; for others having to choose to post to FaceBook would drive them to drink. Twittelator gives you both! The global setting is not only available from Settings, but also from each individual post.  In every post you will see a small FaceBook icon. If that icon is grayed out you won't cross post. If it is FaceBook blue, you will. Want to make a change, just tap the little FaceBook icon and it goes from grayed-out to blue or vice versa.

Cross posting was apparently a theme in this release as Stone Design added the ability to cross post videos to both TwitVid and YouTube as well. This feature is also persistent and works as long as you have TwitVid enabled as your video posting option. The only drawback I see with this feature is that the posters YouTube user name is included in the title of the YouTube video. Your videos are also uploaded in 360p, not HD. Small quibbles though, in the grand scheme of things.

As is apparent, Twittelator handles multi-media extreamly well and gives you many choices. Photo posting has nice service options, video posting has 5 posting options (six including YouTube) and audio posting has 2 posting options.  All of these options are based on the various services currently available, and Twittelator basically makes them all available to you. The only audio service that seems to be missing that I would like to see added is AudioBoo, but then AudioBoo had its own excellent app and ties directly into Twitter too.

There are also options that allow you to save links you receive via Twitter to one of three popular services: Instapaper, ReadItLater and OmniFocus. Once saved you have the ability to read the associated webpage even if you are not on-line. These services haven't caught on with the general public, but are much beloved by techno aficionados the world over. The developer caters to all walks of life.

One feature caters to those that like to count and keep track of where they are in their Twitter stream. Whenever you launch Twittelator you are present with the number of unread posts in your friends feed, mentions and direct messages. Not only that, it always opens to the last read message. Perfect for the guy that doesn't have time to read Twitter all day long but doesn't want to miss something important.

UI wise, I've not found a prettier nor easier to use Twitter client on the iPhone. Themes are available, not a handful either. They are available by the thousands! Three come with the software, but custom ones can be made by anyone and made available to anyone. This makes Twittelator the most customizable Twitter client I know of today. A current search showed me 5781 possible themes available for use today.

The feature list is not unlike the themes list, seemingly endless. On iTunes Stone Design states that there are over 200 features in Twittelator, and I won't argue, they list 17 of the high profile features:

  • Create and tweet audio clips and hi-rez photos
  • Video: record, edit and tweet video
  • Unlimited drafts and offline tweeting
  • Create lists of friends
  • See anyone's lists and join them
  • Post map of your location
  • Find tweets nearby anywhere
  • Handles multiple Twitter accounts
  • Tweet playing song
  • Create your own themes or use 4500 shared themes
  • Built-in browser to view links, movies, audio
  • Get details, follow or block any user
  • Advanced searching (save them too)
  • Email, ReTweet, and copy tweets
  • Translate tweets
  • Trending Topics
  • Autorefresh

Stone Design has been a leader in Twitter clients on the iPhone for a long time and doesn't seem to be slowing down any either. On iTunes it has a rating of 4 stars with over 5000 ratings, 2500 of them are 5 stars and only 564 of them 1 star.

You can't go wrong with trying it either, remember a free version is offered. The Pro version is only $4.99 US.[gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="4"]