Review: AppZapper


One of the challenges for any computer user, Mac, PC or Linux; is file management. Of that making sure that all the files you don't need any more are gone when you delete a program is one of the hardest to manage. While the Mac makes program deletion as easy and drag and drop, that doesn't mean that all the files that need to be delete are deleted. If you delete just about any application from a Mac, there will almost always be residual files left over in any number of different library folders of your Mac. Deleting those can be more like search and destroy than drag and drop. Enter AppZapper. If a program was to be held up as a classic example of excellent Mac application design and implementation, this would be it. There are others, many others, but when it comes to file deletion I've not see a better implementation. AppZapper uses the drag and drop metaphor, but you drag and drop into AppZapper and then AppZapper does all the work. All the you have to do is press "Zap!" [ad#468x60 Banner] AppZapper uses the Application itself to determine what files on your Mac are associated with that application and presents them to you in a list. It doesn't target any user generated documents, just files that are used to support the application. Even then if there is one that you want to keep for some reason, all you have to do is uncheck that file and AppZapper won't do anything with it.

AppZapper is basically a one trick pony that does that trick extremely well. Over the past few years though that "trick" has become more advanced giving you cleaner better options. In version 2 the developers added an enhanced version or "Hit List" that you can turn on at your desecration. This "Hit List" allows you to sort all your applications by size, name or last used date; but that's not all. AppZapper and the "Hit List" allows you to delete more than just applications, it give you the ability to delete system preference panes, widgets & plug-ins. The process of clearing up your clutter, just got easier.

I would love to find a few problems with AppZapper so that I don't sound as if I'm just gaga for it, but alas I just can't. It helps that AppZapper has a limited feature set, but those features are extremely well implemented. The cost can't be beat either. The only "feature" that some might call a problem is how AppZapper treats Apple software products. If you try and "Zap" something like Mail or even Final Cut Express you will be greated with a dialogue box informing you that "Final Cut Express" is an Apple application and cannot be zapped. This feature an be disabled in the preferences of AppZapper. In all fairness you don't want to accidentally delete Mail or Address Book, reinstalling them isn't any fun at all.

The application costs only $12.95 US, with a 3 pack license costing only $18.95 and a 10 pack license costing $79.95. So if you have more than one Mac you can save a great deal of money buying more than one license at a time.

The best thing to do though, is simply just download and try it. It's free to try and you can delete or "Zap" five applications before you have to buy a license.

Please feel free to leave comments on this little app and let other readers know what you think about AppZapper.

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