QuickTip: Wikipedia On Your Mac

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Wikipedia is information central for the information superhighway. Launched in 2001 Wikipedia has taken the internet by storm and for all intense purposes removed the need for a traditional encyclopedia. While teachers and scholars debate the not only the useful of Wikipedia but the accuracy, the rest of the planet has embraced its 16 million articles. Even your Mac! While you can access Wikipedia the same way millions of other computer users do by visiting wikipedia.com or by using one of the many Wikipedia apps for smart phones and computers, Mac users can also use the Dictionary app that comes standard with Mac OS X. Not only can you access all 16 million articles, and growing, but you also have access to the dictionary, thesaurus and an Apple reference guide.

It gets better, you can access any of these tools without actually launching the Dictionary app separately. How? It's easy. Decide which word you want to look up, then CONTROL-CLICK or RIGHT-CLICK (two button mouse) on that word and choose "Look Up In Dictionary." The Dictionary App will then launch and take you to that word. From there you can select any of the other reference guides, like Wikipedia.

This feature should work in any application designed specifically for the Mac using Apple's development tools.