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Maybe you are new to the Mac, maybe you are a seasoned user; in any event you look at your menu bar day after day and may very well put the icons on your menu bar to use regularly. Did you know you can squeeze even more information out of your menu bar? That even the volume icon can not only tell you more, but do more than just change the volume? For MacBook users, did you know the Battery icon can tell you more than just if your batter is charged or not? To see this EXTRA information, all you have to do is press the OPTION key and click on the menu bar icon. A whole new world of information may show itself to you.

Volume: Press OPTION and click on the volume icon. You can now change which output device your Mac will use and which input device your Mac will use. This could be useful if you were listening to a song or a podcast on your Mac using headphones but want someone else to hear it quickly. A greal deal faster than digging in the system preferences panel.

Battery: Press OPTION and click on the battery icon and you will see the condition of your battery. NORMAL is what you want to see.

WiFi: Press OPTION and click on the WiFi icon and you will see all of the data about your current WiFi hotspot and your connection.

Try it on all of your menu icons. You never know what you might just learn. [ad#468x60 Banner]