QuickTips: Making PDFs Tip #2

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Yesterday you learned how to print a PDF and how to make that PDF smaller, but you may have noticed that the file size is so small that prints of the reduced document don't look very good. This may not be a problem if you are only e-mailing the document or putting it on your website; however, if the document needs to be printed you may have a problem. If you are thinking you need some expensive software to make this happen, think again. Your Mac returns to rescue you again. This time you will need to use the ColorSync utility, a tool you probably haven't heard of much less used.

First you need to find it. You can either use Spotlight and just type in ColorSync then click on the application when it appears in the Spotlight search results, or you can open your Applications Folder and then open the folder called "Utilities." From there you can now open up ColorSync Utility.

You will see a short list of different filters, one called Reduce File Size. The quickest and easiest way to get better quality while sacrificing a little size is to do the following:

1) Click on the downward triangle to the right of the "Reduce File Size" filter 2) Choose Duplicate Filter 3)  New file will be called "Reduced File Size Copy" 4) Click on the triangle to the left of image compression 5) Click on the slider, move to the right for less compression but better print quality

Rename the filter to something you will recognize. To rename, just DOUBLE CLICK on the filter name. Your filter is now created, you can then go back to Preview and chose Save As, then choose the Quartz filter you just created. To get the results you wanted, you may have to keep tweaking the settings. [ad#468x60 Banner]