QuickTip: Making PDFs Tip #1

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First, did you know that you can turn any document on your Mac into a PDF document? It's easy and it's been staring you in the face since the very first time you printed a document. Anytime you print a document you are given a dialogue box and in that box there is an option called PDF. If curiosity hasn't yet gotten the best of you, try it now. Go to Print, then click on the PDF button. You will see quite a few options, but the one you will love the most is "Save as PDF..." If you choose that, you need to name the file and then you have your very own PDF version of your document. Once you learn that trick, the next trick you may want to learn is how to make that PDF file size more manageable. By default the feature is designed to make a document perfect for printing, but that requires a lot of data and a bigger file. The files definitely have a tendency to be bigger than Adobe's Acrobat PDFs.

So you want the file smaller, how can your Mac do that? Well, never fear there is a way. Let me just say, it's super easy. Here's how.

1) Open your PDF in Preview 2) Choose File>Save As (COMMAND-SHIFT-S) 3) Change the Name of Document (So you don't lose your original) 4) Choose Format "PDF" 5) Choose Quartz Filter "Reduce File Size" 6) Click on "Save"

You now have a PDF that is dramatically smaller. One note, this smaller file size has a drawback, your document will probably look just fine on a computer screen, but may lack sharpness when printed. Tomorrow's tip will show you how to increase the quality of your PDF while still getting a file size reduction. [ad#468x60 Banner]