QuickTip: Keep Your Screen Clean

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Mac OS X allows you to make all your desktop icons just disappear. You don't really need them on your desktop, you can access them from the finder anytime you want. Why clutter up that beautiful image of your vacation to Aunt Lilly's house in the woods. Want to give it a try, like many things Mac it's far easier than you think.

  1. Click on your desktop so you can access Finder or Press COMMAND-COMMA [⌘ ,]
  2. Click on the General Tab
  3. Uncheck Hard Disks, CDs, DVDs, iPods and Connected Servers
  4. Click the Sidebar Tab
  5. Check Hard Disks, CDs, DVDs, iPods and Connected Servers

Close the preferences window, and any other windows you have open on your Mac. Now, enjoy that clean view you have of Aunt Lilly's place. Okay, I agree - you need a much better background.

Now, what if you want to access all those items you just exorcised from your desktop? Well open up a finder window. You can mouse over to the Menu Bar or you can use keyboard short cuts:

  • COMMAND-N [⌘ N] - Opens a Finder Window (when inside Finder)
  • COMMAND-W [⌘ W] - Closes a Finder Window (when inside Finder)
  • COMMAND-OPTION-W [⌘ ⌥ W] - Closes all Finder Windows at Once (when inside Finder)