QuickTip: Background Slideshow on Your Desktop

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To change your background, or Wallpaper, you only need open System Preferences and then click on Desktop & Screen Saver. From there you are given a many options. You have the ability to use an individual photo, or a selection of photos. Best of all, you can dip right into your iPhoto or Aperture libraries to get the photos you want to use. Finally, you can choose to rotate the photos from every time you Log In to your computer to every 5 seconds, and many more in-between. A powerful way to keep your desktop fresh and looking great is to use a Smart Album from either iPhoto or Aperture. If you have a 15.4" MacBook Pro you might want to only use those backgrounds that are 1440x900 and rated at three stars or higher. Create a smart album based on that criteria.

Where do these background comes from? There are several different sites, one of the best is: InterfaceLift. They have wallpapers for every screen resolution you can think of, including iPhones and iPads. Thousands and thousands of images that you can use on any computer you have - FOR FREE.

Options You Can Choose Under Desktop


  • Apple
  • iPhoto
  • Aperture
  • Folders (For those that don't' use iPhoto or Aperture)


  • Screen Orientation (Fill, Fit, Stretch, Center & Tile)
  • Change Picture (check drop-down for all the options)
  • Random Order
  • Translucent Menu Bar (Default is on, Turning off Makes the Menu Solid)

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