QuickTip: Un-Trashing

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Have you put something in the Trash, only to realize that you threw away the wrong file? Maybe you thought you didn't need it and now you do? Well, if you haven't emptied the Trash you are in luck! Well, you are in luck if you are using Mac OS X Snow Leopard. One of the new features in Snow Leopard is sort of an "undo" for Trash, Apple calls it "Put Back." It's really easy to use and should work on most files.

Open up your Trash and select the file that you wish to "Put Back." Now use your right mouse button (southpaws use your left) and you will get a context sensitive menu with a list of options. One of those options is "Put Back." Select that option and your file will immediately be returned from whence it came. If you don't have a two button mouse (really, join the 21st century) then you will need to use the CONTROL Key and your primary mouse button. [ad#468x60 Banner]