QuickTip: Secure Delete

If you have watched any modern cop shows like CSI, NCIS or Law & Order then you've probably seen the episode where the cops need data on someone's computer but the files have been deleted. Queue suspenseful music. After the commercial break you learn from the token "geek" on the team that while the files had been deleted they weren't gone and HE CAN get them back - if only given enough time and computer resources. On TV it is all rather melodramatic, but the token "geek" isn't wrong either. Just because you delete something on your Mac doesn't mean it's gone for good. If you really want to ensure your incriminating evidence is gone and can't be retrieved by your local CSI then you need to use the Secure Delete feature of the Mac OS X Trash.

You will find this wonderful crime protecting feature under the Finder menu in Finder. Just click "Secure Empty Trash" from the drop down. You will be presented with a dialogue box that will ensure you REALLY want to delete your file permanently. Click "Secure Empty Trash" and the files are gone for good.

If you are the kind of nepharious character that doesn't have time for drop downs, then you can Rick Click on the Trash while holding down CONTROL & COMMAND. You will see "Secure Empty Trash" instead of "Empty Trash." Select it, and you will again be presented with a warning that all deletes are final.

Just remember, that "geek" at your local police station; may have a few other tricks up his sleeve. [ad#468x60 Banner]