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If you are like me you don't go anywhere without your trusty iPhone. You keep your life on your iPhone. You have photos, addresses, phone numbers, documents, text messages and so much more that if not private are at least very personal. That probably means you don't want any prying eyes to see your data. You also don't want your phone to walk-off if you can prevent it. The solution, use Apple's Passcode feature. A passcode won't keep your phone from getting stolen, but a locked iPhone is less useful than an unlocked iPhone. A locked iPhone can be unlocked but it requires connecting to a computer and effectively erasing all the contents. So even if your phone is stolen, your data is safe. If you use MobileMe to back-up your contacts and calendars you will be out very little time as soon as you pick-up a replacement. The expense of just replacing your phone is far better than the expense of replacing your phone and dealing with the consequences of stolen financial and personal data. With the data in your phone, think how easy it might be to steal credit card information or get a credit card in your name.  [ad#468x60 Banner]

It's not like iPhones don't get stolen, just ask Apple. Remember how we all learned about the iPhone 4? It was "found" in a bar near Apple's campus. Found or stolen, had Apple not remotely disabled the device we would have known much more about iPhone 4 sooner than we did. The same could be said about your personal life and data - so set a passcode.

To do that, just go to Settings>General>Passcode Lock. If you haven't already set a passcode you will see a screen with several security options, the one at the top allows you to set the passcode. Before you set the passcode you have one big decision to make. Do you want a numeric 4 digit passcode, or do you want an alpha-numeric passcode that can be any word or phrase you like.

I find that the simple passcode is the best option if you are going to set the passcode to be required after a short period of time. It's far easier to enter a PIN of 4 numbers with one hand quickly than a word or phrase. The choice is yours though, and a good choice to have since the alpha-numeric passcode will be much stronger and harder to break.

Steps to Setting Your Passcode:

  1. Tap on Settings>General
  2. Tap on Passcode Lock
  3. Slide the Simple Passcode to Off if you want a word or phrase
  4. Tap on Turn Passcode On
  5. Enter Your Chosen Passcode
  6. Re-Enter Your Chosen Passcode
  7. Tap on Require Passcode to Set the Duration Before the Phone Locks
  8. To Disable Voice Dialing When the Phone is Locked, Slide to Off
  9. To Enable Erasure of Data after 10 Failed Passcode Attempts, Slide to On
  10. Tap General
  11. Now Tap Auto-Lock and Choose How Many Minutes Of No Activity Must Pass Before Your Phone Locks

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