QuickTip: iPhone SMS Character Count

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If you feel the need to know exactly how many characters are going to be in your next text message it's easy to show on your iPhone. Now, you might to do this to help ensure that you don't send a text message that turns in to two messages. If your receiving party pays for individual texts or has a texting limit, they might not like getting two messages where one would suffice. Of course if you like to Twitter using SMS you have to keep the messages under 140 characters and without a counter, that's hard to manage. So, how do you do it? You can turn on this feature by going to Settings>Messages on your iPhone. You will find several options:

  • Show Preview - Preview appears on your screen, otherwise you only know you have a text
  • Repeat Alert - You will get two notifications that a text arrived, instead of one
  • MMS Messaging - Allows you to send photos and videos
  • Group Messaging - Allows you to not only send a text to multiple people, but receive a bulk message in return
  • Show Subject Field - Gives every text message a subject line, like an e-mail
  • Character Count - Counts the total number of characters, including spaces in your text

Note, if you only type one line, you won't see the Character Count. It only appears after the second line appears in your text message. That's about 49 characters in portrait mode and 96 characters in landscape mode. If you turn on "Show Subject Field" you will see the character count all the time.[gallery link="file" columns="4"]

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