QuickTip: iPhone & Auto Text (Predictive)

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Like many smart phones the iPhone offers the user the ability to "predict" what it is the user is going to type before the user is done typing. You might remember a version of this called T9. If you have done any texting on a standard mobile phone, then you should be very famillar with T9 and therefore "predictive text." Modern smart phones don't use T9. it's based cell phone keypads and not keyboards. The large dictionaries and traditional keyboards smart phones offer allow them to bring more sophisticated systems to users. Each though works a little differently, and if you are coming from a non-iOS smart phone you might be a little lost. The iPhone does have a predictive text engine; however, you won't find "predictive" mentioned anywhere in the OS. You will on the other hand find the feature under Settings>General>Keyboard. [ad#468x60 Banner]

It is there you will find five options designed to make typing on the iPhone easier. The five options are: Auto-Capitalization, Auto-Correction, Check Spelling, Enable Caps Lock and "." Shortcut. Each is independatly controlled, but to have "Check Spelling" active, you must turn on "Auto-Correction."

To get the most out of the iPhone's predictive texting technology you must give in a little to the OS. Most typists are trained to stop when they see a mistake, then go back and correct. This common practice won't serve iPhone owners much success. Instead of stopping to correct your words, just keep typing and trust the OS to make the right decision must of the time; allowing you to concentrate on the message. To accept the suggestion all you have to do is hit the Space Bar or punctuation. It will also help you with your e-mail addresses and web addresses.

As the iPhone learns what words you use, you should find that predictions get better, and if you share my experiences, sometimes the predictions will be scary good. When the suggestion are incorrect, tap the "X" next to the suggestion and it will fade away. After a couple of times, that word will no longer be suggested.

Training your iPhone shouldn't be harder than house training a puppy, and if you allow the phone to complete the suggestions you will have your phone trained long before your puppy is trained.

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