QuickTip: Follow Apple's "Back to Mac" Press Conference

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So you heard that Apple is throwing a little get-together over at One Infinite Loop and you didn't get an invite, that's okay neither did the Professor.  You could wait for nightly news, or catch the news on the New York Times, USA Today or CNN sites, they are sure to offer updates after the event; but if you like your news fresh what can you do? All you need is either a web browser or a twitter client. First you need to know what time the event begins: 10 AM Eastern, today. It doesn't look like Apple is going to offer a live stream of the event as they did last time, but the following websites will have live "blogged" coverage. You will get a play-by-play and a little anaylisis thrown in for good measure. I provided links below, if the link isn't direct to the feed, you should find an easy enough link from their home page to the feed - if not an automatic link. Many will have pre-game coverage.

If you are more on-the-go, then check out the following Twitter accounts for play-by-play coverage, in 140 character snaps.

These aren't the only ways, but they are some of the best. Unfortunately I can't cover it the same way as I do have a day job. I will offer a round-up later today though.


Update (8:13 AM Central) Apple may stream after all. Italy is apparently getting it, so English should be available. Watch Apple.com for more info!

Update (11:57 AM Central) - Apple has posted a link and it is live - CHECK IT OUT!