Quick Tip: Changing Volume Mac OS X

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It's not hard to change the volume on any new Mac. Hardware keys are provided on all iMacs, MacBooks and Apple's keyboards. When you change the volume on your Mac a noise is made for each change to give you an audible notification that the volume is being changed. Maybe you would prefer not to hear that sound? Maybe you would like a way to quickly reduce the volume? Both are possible using keyboard modifiers as you change the volume.

To Change Silently:

If you want to change the volume silently, say while you are watching a movie or in a meeting, then just press the SHIFT key while pressing the volume up or volume down keys [F11 & F12].

To Change in 1/4 Increments:

If you want finer control over your volume, you can change opt to change the volume in 1/4 increments. To accomplish this, press the SHIFT key and the OPTION key at the same time with the volume up or volume down keys [F11 & F12]. Personally, I don't know why anyone would do this, but to each their own.

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