QuickNews: Windows Phone 7, Macs Are Popular & OS 10.7 Roars On To The Stage

Windows 7 Syncing Coming to Mac Today had been a very busy for Macintosh. First, in a somewhat ironic twist, we learned that Windows Phone 7 (not to be confused with Windows 7) will have a Mac sync client that will allow for limited syncing of data from a Macintosh to a Windows 7 phone. Reported by Engadet today a that a soon-to-be-released, read sometime in late 2010, Mac syncing client will be available in "beta." Microsoft was short on any solid details, and the data that will be allowed to sync is a BIG mystery. I'm sure Outlook will be, but beyond that is anyone's guess. Engadget posted the full comment which I've reprinted for you below:

Later in 2010 Microsoft will make a public beta available of a tool that allows Windows Phone 7 to sync select content with Mac computers.

Macs Are Really Popular, Really!

Today saw some excellent news about Apple and Macs. First we learned that Apple stock broke the $300 barrier for the first time in the company's history. This pushed, according to Apple Insider, the company's cap somewhere around $275 billion. One firm even believes that Apple's stock could hit $430/share. Apple (AAPL) shares closed at $300.14 today. Five years ago the stock was well below $100.

Stock prices weren't the only Apple record broken today. Gartner today issued a press release today stating that over 17 million PCs were shipped in the 3rd quarter of 2010, a 2.2% increase over 3rd quarter 2009. The good news for Apple though was that Gartner states that while 2 of the top 3 vendors saw negative growth and HP only saw 2% growth.

Apple enjoyed a 13.7% growth with 10.4% of the American domestic market, just behind Acer at 10.5% . Only Toshiba saw greater growth at 14.2% with 9.3% of the American domestic market. With Acer experiencing negative growth of 21%, it's possible that Apple could be the number 3 vendor in the next quarter. While iPad are not counted in these numbers, Gartner believes the iPad has had a very positive impact on Apple's computer sales. [ad#468x60 Banner] Mac OS 10.7 "Lion"

It's been long awaited, a major refresh to the Apple Macintosh OS. While 10.5 Leopard was seen as a nice leap over 10.4; 10.6 was seen as only a polishing by most. In actuality a great deal was done "under the hood." but few user enhancements were made. If Apple keeps to their alternating release schedule of developer then user, 10.7 should be a very important release. On October 20th we will know.

Today Apple issued special invitations to an October 20th event with the tag line - "Back to the Mac." The invitation includes the image of a Lion looking through a partially rotated Apple. While it's not officially announced MacRumors suggest that "Lion" is one of the more commonly suggested names for the next generation OS. The Apple Professor thinks that if "Lion" is the release name, it might herald the end of the OS X line. The lion is the king of the jungle, what could possibly come after the "Lion."

Some possibilities of updates would be iLIfe and iWork, both are 2009 versions. With 2011 just a stone's throw away, they seem the most likely updates. Hardware may see updates, but it's unlikely there will be any major revisions to the hardware. Probably just speed-bumps.

Back to the Mac - October 20th Event